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Gyanjee Caterers

About Us

Gyanjee Caterers is a full-service catering company specializing in social and corporate events. For over 3 decades, we have provided catering for some of the largest events around the country.

What we do

Started by Mr. Gyanjee, we are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and service clients from all over the country providing food catering and hospitality services for all occasions like weddings, conferences, birthday parties, launch events etc.

Prestigious Opportunities

Gyanjee Caterers was the pioneer of catering in Jaipur and since then have gone to become a well trusted and reputed name in the industry.


We have served in many prestigious and popular weddings such as, The Ambani-Pirmal Wedding, The Lohiya Wedding, The Marico Wedding and many more.

Gyanjee Caterers is also associated with the best of the Food and Event Fraternity like, Ritu Dalmia, Gary Mehigan, Anahita Dhondy, Devika Narain, Abhinav Bhagat.

We’re honored to be the caterers to the Chief Minister’s house in Rajasthan for the last 20 years. While we specialize in catering for marriages, we also have catered for many national and international conferences.

Experiences with Gyanjee

Gyanjee Caterers has successfully incorporated modern practices and methods of cooking and serving in the noble traditional Rajasthani style. We take pride in our Rajasthani cuisine but we also expertize in other modern and fusion cuisines from around the globe.


We are proud to be the trendsetter for other companies in the catering industry.

What sets us apart is the pleasure with which we serve food – we aim at making you want to pick up just one more piece. And even as we grow and expand continuously, Our passion for serving you with the most delightful and exquisite food remains the same.

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