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From ‘sweet’ beginnings

Where it all began

A big hearted, food loving simple man from Phagi, Rajasthan did what he did best – made delicious, melting in mouth ‘gulgulas’ – a traditional sweet of India. As it is true with real talent, the news of his mouth-watering gulgulas reached the then King of Jaipur and he was hired as the royal confectioner!

Our Growth and Progress

Adorned with this royal beginning, the Jain family which owns the company today, has taken this legacy and made it into a well trusted catering business. Fast forward to seven generations, we have developed into a leading company providing high quality food from a variety of cuisines, for the top venues, accommodating weddings, galas, corporate events, and more.

You can also watch the family on the channel Fox Life in the series ‘Masters of Taste – Family Table’.

The House of Gyanjee with Mr. Gary Mehig

Meet The Team

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