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Our Team

Late Shree Gyanjee

Most businessmen judge their success by the profits at the bottom line of the balance sheet. Sh. Gyanjee had never been one of them. He belonged to that rare breed of men for whom the quality of service and the welfare of his customers was paramount.


And thus, it is no surprise that Gyanjee Caterers is the most trusted and respected name among catering circles. The quality of its food is a benchmark which others hope to reach. And all credit goes to Shree Gyanjee.

Gyanjee joined the family business at the age of 18. He soon opened Hind Hotel in the 1950s , a family venture, which was one of the first hotels in Jaipur. After a few years, when the hotel closed down due to unforeseen circumstances, Gyanjee and his brother pioneered the new concept of “food catering”. After his younger brother left the catering business, Sh. Gyanjee started his own catering firm Gyanjee Sweets Caterers in 1988 and never looked back.

The most admirable quality about Sh. Gyanjee was his “never say die” attitude. He came back from each setback a much stronger person. And despite having a well-established company he continuously strived to improve the company. His personal interest and attention to detail with each customer, no matter big or small, earned him the respect of his competitors and many friends along the way.


He was and is still known as the “Bhishmapitamaha” or “Jannadata of Catering”, an honour fondly bestowed upon him by The Catering Dealer’s Association of Jaipur.

For Sh. Gyanjee, catering was always about serving people the best possible food and over his lifetime he had had the pleasure of serving many dignitaries like Pdt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Bhairon Singhji Shekhawat, Pratibha Patil, L.N. Mittal etc.

Sanjiv Jain

Sanjiv Jain is the youngest of Gyanjee’s three sons. From a very early age, he knew he wanted to join his father in the family catering business. He formally joined the business at the age of 19 having spent half of his childhood around the cooks and food.

When he joined the business, Gyanjee Sweet Caterers was an already established firm and catering was a fairly known concept. The challenges facing him and the company then were much more different. He quickly realized that the growing no. of customers meant increased demand and that with delivering excellence came evolution and change.

He focused his energies on grasped the changing trends and introduced new and varied dishes from all across the globe on to the menu. In addition, he built up a network of specialist cooks to make these dishes.


His insight and farsightedness led the company to be ready to compete at larger levels. He not only made the company bigger but better. Along with his father, he took the company from being a small city firm to a national level company which has catered to many international conferences and events. Despite modernizing and expanding the company, his core values have never changed and he still derives the most pleasure from the fact that he serves people good food.

Vaibhav Jain

Vaibhav Jain is the third generation to join the family catering business. He has taken a reputed establishment known for exceptional food and outstanding service and given it an edge of creativity and innovation that the business is quickly gaining fame for.


To keep up the name of a business that had already become a brand might easily be a daunting task for any young man, but Vaibhav had great plans for the inheritance he was to receive. An IHM(A) graduate, he has not only kept the legacy of generations intact, he has kept attuned to the changing tastes and trends in food and presentation. Passionate, well-trained and innovative, Vaibhav brings with him the experience he gained at prestigious establishments Taj, Marriott and Sheraton) and the enthusiasm that is second to his nature. In 2012, he joined the family business full time and has been responsible since for the day-to-day operations. 


Keeping up with the growing demands of the current market, Vaibhav believes in creating new trends while maintaining the balance between tastes and looks. He believes in development of new ideas and pioneering trends in the field of catering and such is his passion for novelty that his name in the market is now synonymous with ‘originality’.

Tarun sir.jpeg
Tarun Jain

Next name in the third generation of the business is the young and energetic Tarun Jain who is a creative, enthusiastic and hardworking chef with an ever-increasing passion for food.

Younger of Sanjeev Jain’s two sons, Tarun stands by the standard Gyanjee’s has set – for how catering should be, and he adds strength and charm to the business by bringing fresh and innovative ideas with him.  After having completed his Hotel Management course from GD Goenka, Gurgaon in |year|, Tarun worked with names like The Taj Palace, Fairmont Hotel and Hotel Claridges.


A Grand Diploma holder in Culinary from Le Cordon Bleu, London, Tarun is skilled at putting his own stamp on traditional dishes, creating new combinations and experimenting with new flavours, all the while maintaining the freshness and originality. Armed with his culinary expertise, bubbling energy and absolute passion for the industry, Tarun adds an edge to the three decades old family business of catering.

Dr. Divolka Jain

With a passion for food and creativity, she works as the Chief Food Stylist at Gyanjee Caterers and is a Ph.D. in Nutritional Psychology. She has learnt the nitty-gritty of Food Styling and Photography from Le Cordon Blu, London.

She has been working with Gyanjee Caterers for over three years now and has been known to introduce the concept of food styling in the catering fraternity of Jaipur. You can also watch her on the channel Fox Life in the series ‘Masters of Taste – Family Table’, as she takes Masterchef Gary Mehigan on a delightful gastronomic journey.


In October 2018, Dr. Divolka single-handedly curated the biggest food fest of Jaipur known as the Salt Food Fest, featuring workshops by celebrity chefs, market by home chefs, pop-up food trucks from all over the country, entertainment nights, among other delights. Her company Salt in association with Gyanjee Caterers set a new unique record in the Asia Book of Records for making the largest Ghewar, a whopping 6 feet and 120kgs at that!

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